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11 reasons to have products 36Linhas

11 reasons to have our products on your e-reader, tablet, smartphone or computer.

If you don't already have an ebook from 36Linhas
it's because you haven't explored its full potential yet.

1 - Quality

The quality of our products is one of the biggest brands and constant objective, guaranteeing information, education and entertainment of value.

2 - Exclusivity

Only the 36Linhas offers characters created by your team and your property that are offered in your exclusive content.

3 - Variety

Only 36Linhas offers a variety of exclusive titles that meet all types of needs of the reader or student.

4 - Freeware

Offers a good volume of free ebooks.

5 - Partners

It has more than 100 partners in more than 25 countries and every quarter new partners join 36Linhas.

6 - International

Present in over 50 countries with its products spread across more than 110 websites.

7 - New Products Option

Quarterly new commercial and freeware products.

8 - Many purchase options

There are more than 90 stores selling our products in the world, in Brazil 10 stores.

9 - Lots of reading options

Our products are in more than 40 digital libraries around the world and in more than 10 in Brazil.

10 - Segmentation

36Linhas' products are segmented into more than 30 segments, thus meeting all types of needs.

11 - Identifies needs

36Linhas always seeks to identify needs and meet everyone by developing products that truly meet the needs of customers.

11 reasons for you to have a 36Linhas product. Explore its full potential.

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