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36Linhas is a digital publishing house creator and producer of digital content, created in 2015.
From own characters develops e-books, audiobooks, apps, videobooks and more.
Its Catalog is composed of: almanacs, novels, guides, technical books, textbooks, children's books, courses, comics, activities, graphic novels, general works and self-help.
The name 36Linhas is a reference to the first printed book (the Gutenberg Bible) that had 36 lines per page.

The contents of 36Linhas entertain, teach and improve, offering valuable digital experiences.


Create and develop unique quality products to educate and entertain the whole family.


With the help of our audience, we are building a company focused exclusively on quality content for the whole family.


To produce knowledge of value

Create quality entertainment

Develop products for the whole family

Offer free content

Acting in social work

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