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Here you take the most frequently asked questions about ebooks, readers and more.

Can I download all that free?

Can. We encourage, because it is important that in addition to buying other books, you can have for free several others.

How do I get the books to buy?

The Stores that sells, deliver a format that you can read on any device. In the case of Amazon it offers several options for readers (you need not buy the kindle). Click the button below to view the free readers options offered by Amazon -

Can I buy those same books, if I find in other online booksellers?

You can, at your option.

I find the books in virtual libraries as 24Symbols, Bookmate or Scribd?

Yes, everyone is there, just search in the application of these libraries.

I found his books in iBooks, and Google Play?

Yes, just search the title or 36 linhas in applications such partners.

Where can I download ebooks reader?

Right here we offer e-readers options for Windows, Linux and Android -

Can I share?

Acquiring one of our digital books does not give you the right to share the material digitally or in print, i.e. piracy. Piracy is a crime punishable by arrest and fine. Moreover, it is a great evil with the writers and illustrators who dedicate their lives to creating and producing this content for you. We ask that you respect the work of our authors. Remembering that we are the only digital publisher that offers free content.

Can I make donations so that you can produce and offer more free books?

Yes just click the button below and donate as much as you like, we thank you on behalf of thousands who are looking for free books.


Where can the products be found with the characters and illustrations of the 36Linhas?

Only in Stores

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