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Advertising online is "the" trend for companies looking to give greater visibility to brands, products and services. Advertising campaigns are served on search engines or social media, based on the profile and interest of the company's target audience.

But it is possible to do more, with the viralization of content, a phenomenon that happens when it is driven by social networks and immediately falls into the public's taste. However according to a survey almost half of companies (47.5%) find it very difficult to produce truly viral content.

One way to reach your audience in a different way from the competition and extremely efficient is to offer the Rich Media format. Result: A better way to engage the public by creating or expanding brand awareness.

For an ad to viralize and reach thousands or millions of people, we integrate exclusive quality content into your advertising piece, making it worthy of sharing, and linking it directly to viralizing content, benefits directly from the results.

Unlinked ads, low return, content-bound ads generate high recall returns and consequent financial returns.

Important: Our widgets are not blocked by advertising blocking programs, because they are content widgets with syndicated advertising in content format, not advertising format.

All content provided by 36Linhas is based on your unique characters, books, images, and rich content.

Advertise on a network that already has more than 30 blogs and growing ...

Offer our content with your advertising to your Clients, collaborators and followers of social networks.


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